Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Loadstar - Red Rock / On the Wheels

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Well known for their vast repertoire of production, Loadstar
return to form with two dynamic cuts that explode and ricochet on
impact. Although, what else can you expect from a duo about to
embark on a series of tour dates taking them across the biggest
festivals this summer, including the legendary Glastonbury.

Rolling out first is 'Red Rock', an intricate piece of musicianship
which switches down the fierceness yet still holds a powerful
composition. You're drawn into the vast spectrum of sound that
Loadstar are able to tap into, slipping into a
distorted bassline which adds a stockier element midway through.
It's driving, commanding but also holds the producers musical
abilities and exposes their lighter side.

On the flipside is 'On The Wheels', a gritty, pounding dancefloor
anthem sure to feature in sets globally. Snappy, with throbbing subs
which reverberate throughout the mix, it serves as the perfect
reintroduction to Loadstar's grittier side. Snippets of recognisable
sample serve as a foreboding intro, before unleashing a
sensory assault following the first drop. One of their most
aggressive outputs since 'Warrior' and recent release 'Once
Again', they're back and as nasty as ever.

So here's to another single from Loadstar, adding to an already
impressive discography, one they've been crafting since their debut
'Future Perfect' LP. Loadstar are still going strong after decades of
history between them, epitomising why they're still held as
legendary within the drum & bass genre.

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