Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jason Laidback - Heroes in Heaven DJ Mix

Months of blood, sweat, tears and fears over this DJ mix but music is about freedom of expression so this is my personal tribute to all the talented blessed souls that have influenced me and that are sadly no longer with us. 
Keep enjoying and spreading the word on the originals but if bass and beats float your boat then maybe this mix is a way of enjoying these heroes of ours in a different way.

R.I.P to all the amazing talented artists on here, missed but never ever forgotten. xx

Love, light and bass
From touring with The Prodigy, to remixing De La Soul, to releasing dance albums under Laidback and Slyde on Finger Lickin, the beat goes on with London DJ residencies and Jason running his own breaks and garage label Nightprowl.
Out now is Namechecka! with a Leeroy Thornhill Remix and there's a forthcoming Dub Pistols Remix out soon alongside lots of remix giveaways on the major Soundcloud accounts. With strong Juno chart action, excellent reviews in DJ Magazine, good radio support and lots of remixes, collaborations and releases lined up, it's time for a special new 'Heroes In Heaven' DJ mix on The Armory Podcast. Once all the new tunes see the light of day, some more touring is on the horizon for next year so catch Laidback on a dance floor near you soon!

For more information on Jason Laidback visit:
Artwork by www.jempanufnik