Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Neveready - Rejections: (The Remixes EP2)


Summer 2016 sees the release of 'Rejections: (The Remixes EP2)'. 
The 3rd and final instalment of this epic trilogy. 

This time around some of NexGen's best loved talent step to the forefront and beautifully re-craft the original tracks into yet more lush, boombastic, 
sometimes left-field but always stunning versions.

First up, Earth Leakage Trip gets all dubbed out with his remix of 'One Eyed Empress', then D.A. gets his hands on 'Auringonlasku Sunset' and transforms the original into a soulful, liquid DNB roller with some help from Jay Roland on vocals. 

Next up is Totrox remix of 'Smokers Delay' which calms the proceedings down a little, then NexGen superstars Kachina re-work 'Consumption & Lies' in their own unique way. 

C.O.U.G.H.'s remix of 'Rejections' then saunters onto the EP with a strangely wonky appeal, then Rob Sparx remix of 'Trouble Bubbles' acts as a call to arms for all the REAL Dubstep heads.

 Subsense's remix of 'Old Photos' is reminiscent of a soundtrack to a 90's Gangster flick set in London, then Physics ups the pace and vibes with his remix of 'Deep Listening'. 
Things start to get a little bluesy with Juho from Narva Falls Remix of 'Haarlem Joint', then to finish the EP off we have an instrumental of Trip & D.A. 'Auringonlasku Sunset' Remix and Earth Leakage's Dub mix of 'One Eyed Empress'.

'Rejections' was a special moment for both Neveready & NexGen. With the release of the second instalment of the remix EP, a new era in the lables history is heralded in by its next generation of talented producers. All 3 of these stunning releases, the album & both remix EP's are by far the most representative of the labels ethos. Its the music that matters at NexGen. Enjoy.

/// NexGen Music Online ///