Thursday, August 25, 2016

Afro Sam - Rogue EP

Out 310816 on Room2 Records

The amazing “Afro Sam” is one of Manchester's most exciting young up and coming urban artists making their mark on the city's scene today . Hailing from Fallowfield “Afro Sam" is a Manchester born and bred MC with big plans and an even bigger voice .

Banding together with his associates "Blind Mic" and "Kay Bey" they form the group "Free Wize Men" Combining the natures of Hip Hop , Jazz and even Urban Edm (such as Grime and Trap) into one unstoppable force which has been foretold to soon lay to siege the city . Together on their conquest thus far they have conquered many of the venues within the city's walls such as "The Ritz" , "Band on the wall" , “Hidden“ as well as Festivals up and down the country.

Mostly known for his raunchy style of delivery "Afro Sam" portrays the narrative of a young inner city youth and the scenarios which surround him via a creative and playful use of syllabic rhyme and underhand metaphors he vividly paints the picture that has been his life thus far , and the story begins with the debut extended play titled "Rogue" .

The "Rogue Ep" (released Aug 31st 2016) is a collection of songs from over a year of work which explore the the events that had occurred during that period time .
True to its roguish nature it works hard to blur the lines between labels with each song possessing its own unique tempo and timbre completely contrasting to the one previous.

This unpredictable nature is what makes the third “Wize” Man one to watch if you're looking for something refreshing and slightly more unorthodox to tickle your fanc