Saturday, August 27, 2016

Frankee - Clap Your Hands / Love & Peace

Your first introduction to Frankee’s

return is via ‘Clap Your Hands’,

once again platforming the sub-driven records he’s famed for.

Building up into a cascading drop whilst grinding

LFO provides the

steps, it’s difficult not to be pulled in by its

relentless beats and quick-

fire drum patterns.

With metallic vocal samples adding

encouragement between each segment,

Frankee is back and carrying

the weaponry which made him 

so dangerous behind the decks.

On the reverse, 

‘Love and Peace’ adds another dimension, not only

proving Frankee’s production capabilities,

but also a contrast in

musical attitudes.

Natural yet still synthetic, it brings together

shaking percussion and

female vocals in a way that curtails both the

light and dark shades of his skillset.

A blissful liquid roller that

carries itself from start to finish, 

it features nostalgic breaks whilst

keeping a mechanical continuity.