Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hamilton - Bounce That / War

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Celebrating over two decades in the game, 

Hamilton returns with two furiously

Uncompromising slabs of bass. 

Yet again, 

Hamilton proves his production prowess, 

adding to his already impressive discography on Ram.

Up first is ‘Bounce That’,

 pushing through with an electrical energy and a refusal to sit in any

given subgenre, a war cry signposting his arrival, 

Hamilton has created a dancefloor call to

arms which packs a punch with every drop. 

On top of raw mechanical momentum, 

it’s a sound driven rollercoaster, 

proving the perfect way to demonstrate his new era of production.

On the flipside, 

‘War’ takes you into a murkier realm.

 Zipping lazers amongst industrial drums

and vibrating basslines take you deeper into a deeper space, 

creating atmospherics which

totally envelop you. 

Prodding stabs further add to the unrelenting composition, 

with female  vocals slipping wryly between each segment. 

Once again, this sees Hamilton

further adding to his skill set, 

whilst still playing homage to his roots.

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