Saturday, August 20, 2016

Teddy Killerz - Killer Squad EP

Since its inception, the ‘Killer Squad EP’ was going to be

undeniably huge. Featuring some of the most resounding

names across drum & bass, it’s a meeting of titans bringing

together the scene’s most mind-breaking production

standards. Using these collaborations to pedestal their

extensive experience across all musical platforms, this

EP is a monumental landmark for Teddy Killerz journey.

Up first, sees a return of the formidable Teddy Killerz and June

Miller super group. Deviating from the sound of their last joint

single release and demonstrating the vast repertoire they’re

able to tap into, it’s a driving riddim which ducks, 

dives and dashes between breaks.

 Unrelenting with rave-style reece and

a stocky baseline taking you forward,

it’s the perfect starter for what’s yet to come.

Sputnik’ sees Teddy Killerz partner with historical figurehead

Gridlok, who heads up this nitty roller underpinned with

distorted bass and lofty stabs. 

Teddy Killerz bring their techy,

cruncing personality amongst 

systematic breakdowns and

elevating beat patterns. 

Nefarious, yet ingeniously built,

‘Sputnik’ will take you into the morning’s earliest hours.

The merging of Teddy Killerz and Audio’s fearsome talent

brings expected results, but they’re no less devastating.

Flipped samples and clanking percussion dip between

reverberating kick drum. Nastily slick, 

‘Bugs’ is robotic in

design and remorseless in its application.

And lastly, comes the Czech supernova 


Well known for administrating a 

darkly eclectic style on the decks,

he brings thesame energy for 

‘Horror Show’.

 Aptly named, your aural nerves are

grated by its foreboding intro,

launching you head first through a mix of

pounding kick drum and distortion.

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