Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Delta Heavy -Punish My Love VIP - Free Download!

Free DownLoad From there Souncloud !!!

One of the most exciting and diverse UK duos to take their sound transatlantic, Delta

Heavy return after the viral success of their debut LP 'Paradise Lost' with a free VIP.

It's these bouncy records which have made them so notorious across the club circuit

with this next output perfectly merging two opposite ends of the spectrum.

‘Punish my Love VIP’ still follows 

the same pumped up. chiselled future house

groove, although this time the juxtaposition against its euphoric steel pans and an

incessantly hooky vocal takes you down a harder route, Grinding stabs take you

deeper into the mix, whilst its, elastic bass line throws you down a steeper beat

chasm with each drop.