Thursday, September 1, 2016

DJ Hatcha - Hatched 10 EP

From his humble beginnings in Dubstep’s cultural hub, Croydon based DJ 

Hatcha has nurtured the genre from its outset. Standing as one of the 

founding forefathers, he’s helped shaped the scene following its explosion in 

the early 2000’s. His influence has spanned over a decade and this hasn’t 

gone unnoticed throughout Dubstep’s history. Hatcha’s seminal Kiss and 

Rinse FM shows pushed Dubstep onto the agenda’s forefront, cementing its 

relevance within the UK’s melting hub of sub-culture, whilst further pushing it 

onto the mainstage at events across the country. He’s personally 

responsible for its resounding success, ensuring its longevity whilst 

showcasing some of their finest producers.

And after eight years of pedestalling its most important breakthrough acts, 

Hatcha returns with an EP set to send shockwaves across the community. 

Being heralded by both Mixmag and DJ Mag alike as a leading pioneer, these 

next five cuts of sonic aptitude epitomise why he’s so highly esteemed. The 

spotlight is about to be turned on him once again and he’s leading the charge.

Diving head first into the murky, growling undertones Hatcha reigns 

supreme over, the producer demonstrates exactly why he’s king of the 

underground. Breaking out of every paradigm set up for electronic music, 

Hatcha is unafraid to step out of its boundaries. Unclassifiable, yet floaty and 

still technically flawless, first track ‘Going in’, which features the darkly 

rooted production prowess of Abstrakt Sonance and is a re-entry into 

Hatcha’s immersive style: minimal whilst still being able to take complete 

control of your aural synapses.

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