Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TNC - The best fertiliser is the gardener’s shadow’

‘The best fertiliser is the gardener’s shadow’
is the eigth independent release by
the mancunian hip-hop group the natural curriculum [tnc].
having been praised by the likes of lauren laverne,
giles peterson & dj format
for their previous five years work,
tnc have spent two years evolving their unique
and leftfield style in order to create their new ten track wax work.

The sharp, intelligent lyricism of emcees Aver, chalk and sykes is backed by an
industrial, space aged soundscape which has been crafted from meticulously
researched samples gathered from sources that range from eerie german kids
records to old anime soundtracks to forgotten jazz master pieces of eastern
europe. These oddities have then been layered with heavy beatbox percussion
and the precise dj wizardry of ink and omas to to immerse the listener in a dense
40 minute collage of noise. 

The artwork for the vinyl sleeve was painted by Aver
as a visual interpretation of the music and a further seed for the thought and
conversation it hopes to breed.

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