Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rene LaVice - Richter Scale

 ‘Richter Scale’ was the product of a Bud Light campaign earlier this year, which

saw Rene take centre stage and inject a 174 infusion of cranking drums and tell-tale snare.

An elusive intro with gradually rising and falling pads takes you deep into the crevice of his

mind. Following in quick succession is the House and Trap edits; whilst the House edit

transports you into a first thumping dimension of bass, its Trap counterpart takes you on a

journey given momentum by its 808s.

‘Some Things Never Change’ is a totally fresh offering from LaVice, with metallic, distorted

instrumentals taking you on a frog march, ramped up by its energetically slick bassline.

Weaving through the mix is a vocal which adds to its loftier air, giving it a more haunting twist

between its stockier elements. And finally, the multi-genre extended version of ‘Richter

Scale’, giving you a full frontal assault of every genre switch up provided throughout the

 EP’s entirety. 

Even more proof that Rene LaVice is a master of his craft, from beginning to end.

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