Thursday, November 17, 2016

PRofit - Top 5 tunes



Dropped his Debut Album

This Month

“ True Colours “

This  Album  is Reppin the 

UK Hiphop Seen Ina Big way

Make sure you check it out .

Here is his Top Five Tunes !!

Strange U - 'The cake is a lie'- This tune just bangs, in fact the whole EP #2040 is wicked.

Roots Manuva - 'Chin High'
- I've been a fan of Manuva since I first heard 'Brand New Second Hand'. It's his approach to crossing styles and doing it his way that then make it his own style. I liked 'Yellow Submarine' to, which I would say is a little more Electro vibes but this one just nudged it for me.

Foreign Beggars & Noisia - 'Contact'
- A friend played this to me when it first came out with the intro of; "check this out PRof this is all you" and they were right. I was feeling that tune from the moment I heard it and I can't fault it now. I had just finished making Push Back before I heard it, which is part of the reason I think my friend was so keen to play it to me, but it just summed up what I was trying to do for Push Back and they smashed in it the way both Noisia and the Beggars do - they're a good combo together as the other collabs are a testament to.

The Prodigy - 'Diesel Power'
- There are better Prodigy tunes but this one is closest to the cross over vibe in my opinion and it's still a good track.

Offshore - 'Round & Round'
- It's a little bubbler plus with the Hip Hop / Electro vibe I have to put some Offshore in there. I met Ewan years ago, he went to Uni with one of my oldest friends so we became friends that way. Sadly Ewan passed away in 2012 and he is greatly missed. He was a great guy and a real talent as far as I'm concerned and he had that Electro, Hip Hop vibe on lock.

Profit - True Colours out now -Buy:


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