Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Caspa - Get Higher [Subsoldiers]

Some say ‘vibes’, Caspa prefers ‘Vibrations’: Not just a more formal, respectful term for the oscillating phenomenon that guarantees we hear anything in life but the name of his exciting new series. His first substantial solo body of work since the forthright horsepower and back-to-basics attitude of ‘500’ in 2014/15, ‘Vibrations’ continues his ever-refined stripped-back, broadsword bass vision. 
Dark, dangerous and designed for the underground, each dispatch is tailored with one pure purpose: proper dancefloor buzzes…. Following on from Umbongo and Venom, we now introduce to the world ‘Get Higher’ With its head-bending vocal sample trickery, ‘Get Higher’ takes us straight to the church of hype. Front pew. Causing drama on a classical level, the hair-raising pitch bend of the vocal rises with raw prang theatrics while a stern signature groove thunders beneath with cathedral-shaking weight and clarity. 

As with every mission Caspa embarks on, expect no fluff or faltering: ‘Vibrations’ is about the core reason we all got into this in the first place, it’s about laying down dark vibes in small underground rooms for gatherings of people who have united with purpose. With at least three more instalments of ‘Vibrations’ locked and loaded and potentially more to come, the tremors are only just kicking in. Some say vibes, others say vibrations, we say stay tuned…