Thursday, May 11, 2017

Maxim - Baddest Breed Ft. Cianna Blaze (with InsideInfo Remix) [Death Drum Rebel]

Maxim just keeps churning out the quality releases this year, as he returns for his next release on Death Drum Rebel, with long-time collaborator Cianna Blaze. 'Baddest Breed' is yet more of Maxim's signature Drum & Bass sound but this time he has enlisted A-list remixer, Viper Recordings very own, Insideinfo.
Cianna Blaze has been working with Maxim for a while now, and the results are always top-notch. No change here on 'Baddest Breed', in fact, she is in rare form and spits with venom and passion over Maxim's rolling beats, bass and hunting synths.

Insideinfo then turns in an epic and Neurofunk flavoured reworking of the original that utilises Cianna's outstanding vocal perfectly. This is one for any discerning dancefloor warrior.

Maxim, Death Drum Rebel & Cianna Blaze are all on top form with this release. Add to that a gargantuan remix from one of the scenes biggest hitter in the form of Insideinfo and you have a very special release!