Friday, June 9, 2017

Caspa - 33 Degrees [Sub Soldiers]

The late night tremors persist… Caspa’s single-track ‘Vibrations Series’ continues with another demonstrative dead drop. Having launched late last year with the perennial underground smasher ‘Umbongo’, followed by the heavy drama and high demand of ‘Venom’ and ‘Get Higher’ the low-end pioneer’s mission is simple: To deliver crystal club hitters with singular focus on quality, no unnecessary fluff or flab to any release, just precision focused primetime dark room bass that make every bone in your body vibrate. Well, the clue is in the title.
Next up in the series is ’33 Degrees’. Not just the perfect temperature for living and playing, or indeed an acute angle, but a track loaded with such stark strings and solar science we guarantee every hair on your skin will stand on end. Fuelled by a series of warm, unhurried modulations that take a tonal twist on the second drop, the tune ploughs deep into the cosmos with a strident dynamic that leaves nothing in its wake. Ageless classicism.

With no final date in sight and Caspa going on record to say he’s sitting on the biggest percy stash of bangers he’s ever made, these tremors are only going to get louder. Trust us; we’re going to be feeling good “Vibrations” for long time yet. Like we said, the clue is in the title…